Children’s Mental Health Ontario’s Digital Ambassadors are committed to using social media to collectively raise our voices and advocate on behalf of children, youth and families affected by mental health. We believe that children, youth and families are waiting far too long for mental health treatment; our families deserve better. Follow our conversation, and join us. Let Ontario know that #kidscantwait.

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Meet the CMHO Ambassadors

Ann Douglas

Ann Douglas is the author of a number of bestselling books about pregnancy and parenting (including The Mother of All Pregnancy Books and The Mother of All Baby Books). She is a magazine writer and content creator who specializes in writing about parenting and health. Her most recent book, Parenting Through the Storm, is a guide to parenting a child who is struggling with a mental, neurodevelopmental, or behavioural challenge.  Find Ann on Twitter @anndouglas, online at, or on Facebook @themotherofallbooks

Amber MacArthur

Bestselling author, keynote speaker and tech entrepreneur, Amber MacArthur is a leader in tech with spots as host on BloombergTV, Fast Company, Shopify and SiriusXM. Amber is also an advocate of anti-bullying programs. Her latest book, Outsmarting Your Kids Online, is an online safety handbook for overwhelmed parents. Find Amber on Twitter @AmberMac, online at, or follow her on facebook @ambermac.

Carol Todd

Carol Todd is Amanda Todd’s mother. Amanda took her own life at age 15 on October 10, 2012 after her never ending struggle as a victim of cyberbullying, exploitation and relentless bullying in her everyday life. Since that day, Carol courageously took a stand and shared Amanda’s story with her community and the world. She has become a global advocate sharing the voice of her beloved daughter and increasing awareness of bullying in all forms and mental health issues in our youth. Amanda had a dream of helping kids stay strong, and through Carol’s efforts in creating The Amanda Todd Legacy Society this dream has become a reality. The Amanda Todd Legacy Society is a non-profit that was created by Carol to help youth wherever they are, supplying resources and assistance for anti-bullying initiatives, mental health research and cyber safety. Find Carol online at, Twitter @AToddLegacy, or on Facebook at @AmandaToddLegacyStayingStrong

Casey Palmer

Husband. Father. Storyteller: Casey Palmer is a thirty-something Canadian Dad from Toronto looking to raise his multiracial family of four in an urban environment that never quits. Writing on parenting, racial identity, tech and more, he's out to prove that well-crafted words really CAN change the world! Find Casey on Twitter @CaseP, his blog or Facebook at @mrcaseypalmer.

Charlene Doak-Gebauer

Charlene Doak-Gebauer is a computer and network specialist who authored the book, Digital Sexual Victims: True Cases. She is also the founder and chair of the federal charity, Child Pornography Hurts. As an author, Charlene has developed a theory of digital supervision to be used by parents, caregivers and professional allies. Her theory is comprised of two main features: awareness that there is a problem and methods for adults to supervise children as they use digital devices. Find Charlene on Twitter @ChildPornHurts

Chip Pitfield

Chip Pitfield is a children’s mental health champion, with a career in the financial industry. He is a former chair of Oolagen Community Strives, a youth- and family-focused mental health agency in Toronto; he is the chair of ALUS Canada; and a director of Delta Waterfowl Foundation. Find Chip on Twitter @chippitfield

After surviving a suicide attempt and sharing her story with the world on her blog, Jennifer Decan learned just how supportive the online community can be and that the internet truly can be a safe place to discuss difficult topics. Ever since, Jenn has dedicated herself to helping others both online and offline and has attracted a loyal following because of it. Please reach out and say hello on Twitter @JennAndTheCity, Instagram @TheJennAndTheCity, Facebook at @TheJennAndTheCity, or her blog at

Kim Peterson

Kim Peterson is the co-creator of the Ontario Special Needs Roadmap, a parent-friendly guide to navigating special needs services and supports, that has been downloaded over 100,000 times to date. The Ottawa-area computer programmer and mother of two is in the process of creating a related guide: a Mental Health Roadmap for Children and Youth in Ontario. Kim was inspired to create these resources as a result of her family’s experiences. One of her sons has been diagnosed with autism and the other has been diagnosed with a language disorder. Find Kim at, on Twitter @ONTSpecialNeeds

Laurie McCann

Laurie McCann is a mom and a police officer. She has been in law enforcement for 19 years. Laurie is very involved with social media, using it personally and professionally, and teaching the tools to other officers. She spent four years going into schools and educating youth on social media and cyberbullying. Laurie is very passionate about Youth Mental Health as it affects her family personally. Find Laurie on Twitter @thecoffeecop

Michele Sparling

Michele Sparling is a parent who continues to navigate the maze of mental health services for her family. A strong speaker and advocate for mental health, she is the originator of Shine Out! Shout Out! a community group that raises funds and awareness for youth mental health, specifically the Just Be You peer to peer mental health support group for youth ages 15-22. A champion for mental health care, Michele is a member of several committees and boards in mental health organizations. She is a partner at Innovative HR, and in her spare time plays hockey as part of her self-care regime. Find Michele on Twitter at @HRisInnovative @ShineShout or online at

Nicole German

A global-tech marketing mom and business strategy executive, Nicole German is also the leading force behind Maddie’s Project, a community effort in support of youth struggling with depression and other mental health related concerns. Nicole started Maddie’s Project in memory of her daughter, Madeline. Find Nicole on Twitter @NicGerman, and @maddie_project or online at


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