The Board of Directors of CMHO extends its congratulations to Kim Moran, CEO on her appointment to the Premier’s Council on Improving Health Care and Ending Hallway Medicine. The independent, expert advisory council which will report to the Premier and the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, will undoubtedly benefit from Kim’s dedication and extensive experience in improving health care systems. She brings years of health management leadership and policy development to her appointment including in the community care, child and youth mental health and addictions sectors and in responding to global health emergencies. Kim’s collaborative and patient-centred approach is sure to net positive outcomes for all Ontarians, as it has for many families who have a child or youth struggling with mental health and addiction issues. She has served on the boards of hospitals and community agencies, which will contribute additional insights to the Council. Kim will continue in her role as CEO of CMHO while volunteering as a Member of the Premier’s Council.