Youth Resources

Curious to learn more about mental health issues, what feelings and behaviours are considered normal for you or your friends? We have complied a list of resources that can help. If you are looking for help, CMHO members have walk-in clinics across the province, often just 1-2 sessions at a walk-in clinic can a make a big difference for kids and youth who need a little help, click here to find the nearest clinic near you.


For information about how to share your resources on the CMHO website, please click here

Webbing With Wisdom

Webbing With Wisdom launched in January, 2017, and is a collaboration between three organizations: St. Stephen’s Community House, METRAC, and East Metro Youth Services. Their mission is to help girls and young women learn about and deal with online sexual violence. 

Jeunesse, J'écoute

Jeunesse, J'écoute est le seul service de consultation et de référence pancanadien accessible jour et nuit par téléphone et par Internet. Ce service, offerts aux enfants et aux adolescents, est bilingue, gratuit et anonyme. Les intervenants professionnels de Jeunesse, J'écoute fournissent un soutien immédiat et chaleureux aux jeunes gens partout au pays.

  • Consultation téléphonique
  • Consultation en ligne
  • Pour les 20 ans et moins
  • Gratuit, 24/7
  • Anonyme et Confidentiel
  • On ne te juge pas