Professional Resources

The Hincks-Dellcrest - Gail Appel Institute

The Hincks-Dellcrest - Gail Appel Institute offers advanced education to those who work with children and families in a variety of mental health care professions. The Institute offers a range of workshops, certificate programs, external training programs, and evening seminars that are available to clinicians, front-line workers, educators and parents looking to expand their knowledge and acquire new skills.

Training and learning opportunities are offered in a wide range of areas such as Trauma & Resiliency, DBT, CBT, Brief Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Leadership & Professional Development, Mindfulness and Appreciative Inquiry to name a few. 

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A free, online resource connecting an international community of child and youth mental health professionals so that they may provide better services to children, youth, and families. Launched in 2013, Umind shines a light on promising practices in child and youth mental health through its webinars, site visits, training opportunities and most significantly, a Professional Resource Library of nearly 1,000 practical resources contributed by 120+ organizations across Canada and the United States. 

Windz Institute

Windz Institute is operated by ROCK Reach Out Centre for Kids' Centre of Learning and is located in Oakville, Ontario. The Institute offers advanced training and education based on innovative knowledge and practice-based research. The workshops, certificate programs and conferences reflect collaborative, strength oriented ideas and practices that address current service gaps and social issues.
In order to offer the highest quality and most current training available, the faculty and adjunct faculty team are comprised of locally and internationally renowned teachers and trainers.