Thank you to all of those who attended CMHO's 2018 Annual Conference: Innovations in Service Delivery! We had over 600 delegates in attendance, over 40 workshops and a great lineup of keynote addresses. If you would like to access the slides from some of your favorite presentations or workshops, we have them listed below for your viewing. If you run into any issues or concerns, please contact Leah at Cette adresse courriel est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.


Keynote Presentations


The Youth Action Committee: From Crisis to Quality Paper

The Ontario Child Health Study: How are Ontario's Children & Youth Doing?



Dr Gursharan Virdee: Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Racialized Youth 

Dr. Chris Mushquash: Mental Health Treatment for First Nations Children: From Systems to Service 

Parent Panel Discussion: Advice from the Trenches: Bringing a Parent Perspective to Service Design



Monday Morning:

Scoring Tool for Assessing Residential Treatment (START): Implementing Critical Success Factors in Mental Health Residential Treatment for Children

Bridging the Gap: Introducing Occupational Therapists as Treatment Providers in a Children's Mental Health Setting

Business Intelligence Software: A Powerful Tool for Evaluating and Planning Quality Service

Are You Ready to Introduce New Innovations? Assessing Readiness for Change in Today's Child and Youth Mental Health Service Environments

The RAJO Project: Trauma Systems Therapy for Somali-Canadian Youth

Kindergarten Pilot Project: A Cross Sectoral Collaboration Between Ottawa Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) and Crossroads Children's Mental Health Centre (CCMHC)


Monday Afternoon:

A Privacy law Primer for Children's Mental Health Professionals

The Aboriginal Children's Mental Health and Well-Being Measure (ACHWM)

Creating a Culture of Quality to Drive Innovation: Knowing Why, Learning How, Discovering What A New Interactive, Online Resource for Parents and Caregivers Supporting Their Children and Youth

Process and Practice of Addressing Service Gaps in Infant Mental Health

The Polaris Program: How We Created an Intensive, Family-Centered Service Model that Keeps Families Together

Strategies to Improve Mental Health Services for Racialized Youth

Research and Practice in Real World Settings: A Unique Community-University Partnership

Adoption of a Competency Based-Clinical Supervision Model: Making Supervision More Effective and Encouraging of Expertise

Integrated Care for Children and Youth Who Experience Distress Through Physical Symptoms (Somatization)


Tuesday Morning:

Tearing Down Silos: How Integrating Child and Youth Mental Health Work in a Multi-Service Model Can Help Your Organization and Clients

Creating a Foundation to Support and Empower Innovation and Quality Through Service Delivery: A Service Area Collaborative Journey

Implementing the interRAI Child and Youth Mental Health Assessment Tool in the Peel Service Area: Managing Change, Innovating As We Go, and the Lessons We're Learning Along the Way

Differences Can Lead to the Most Enduring Friendships: Service Delivery Collaboration in the Care for Newcomer Children Program

Innovations in Parent/Child Therapy: Tools to Support Quality Parenting, Social Emotional Development and Secure Attachment

Urban Tele-Mental Health Pilot Project: An Innovative Approach to Reducing Barriers in Children's Mental Health

Mental Health in the Early Years: Building a Strong Foundation for Children Aged 3-6 in Kindergarten Classrooms Across Ontario


Tuesday Afternoon:

The Housing Outreach Program Collaborative (HOP-C): Using Evidence to Support Youth Transitions from Homelessness

Improving Joy and Meaning at Work: Co-Creating Wellness for Child and Youth Mental Health Providers

Transformative Change Brought By True Family Engagement

Creating a Culture of Data Use to Drive Improvement and Innovation in Child and Youth Mental Health Services

Engagement Utility in Creating Efficiencies in Clinical Standards and Practices

Inter-Organizational Networks: Benefits to Improved Service Delivery Provision and Outcomes for Children and Youth

Expanding the Circle of Care: How Family Support and Wraparound Provides innovative Service in Children's Mental Health and Primary Care

Collecting Standardized and Meaningful Feedback from Youth and Families: Making Performance Indicators Work

Intersections: One Service Collaborative's Innovative Response to a System Challenge

Recognizing and Addressing Developmental Trauma: A Necessary Step for Effective Service Delivery with High-Needs Children and Youth

Increasing Operational Efficiency...What Does that Mean and How Do We Start?

Sunday Pre-Conference Governance Session: Trends & Themes in Ontario Healthcare

Trends and Themes in Ontario Healthcare: The New Context for CMHO Member Boards

 Making the Case for Integration/Mergers Continuum of Care, Strengthening the Back Office and Creating Economies of Scale: The Reconnect Experience

 Safety First at CHEO: Our Journey to Zero Harm



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