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Adventure Place

  • Accredited: Accreditation Pending
  • Contact Information

  • Location Type: Main Location
  • Intake Phone: 416-744-7650 ext. 228 (Central intake); 416-499-3377 ext 333 (Better Beginnings Now) 416-494-1579 ext.301 (Ontario Early Years Centre) 416-449-8989 (Toronto Autism - ABA Services)
  • Address: 155 McNicoll Ave
  • City: Toronto
  • Province: Ontario
  • Postal Code: M2H 2C1
  • Concerns Addressed

  • Mental Health Issues Treated

  • Services Provided

CMHO’s nearly 100 member organizations operate in every region of the province, providing treatment and support to children, youth and families. This includes targeted prevention, early intervention, short- and long-term counselling and therapy, and intensive services such as residential care.

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