MCYS Releases Discussion Guide on CYFSA Regulations

As you know, on June 1 of this year, the Supporting Children, Youth and Families Act, 2017 received Royal Assent in the provincial legislature. Most provisions of the Act will come into force in April of 2018.

As we previously reported, the Act has broad regulatory powers and many of the details that will impact our sector will be prescribed by regulation. All licensed residential service providers will be subject to requirements in the Act and its regulations.

This summer, the Ministry of Children and Youth Services released a Discussion Guide on the development of regulations under the new Child, Youth and Family Services Act (CYFSA).

Feedback on the Discussion Guide is required by September 8, 2017. Based on feedback solicited through a teleconference with members August 24th, CMHO has drafted and is in the process of finalizing its response, which will be submitted this week.

Is this the only chance to comment on the regulations?

Generally, most regulations will be posted on the Ontario Regulatory Registry (a public website) for a minimum 45-day period for comment. This will provide us with another opportunity to provide written feedback on the regulations before they are finalized.

What about consultations with youth and families?

The Ministry is also working on the release of a companion document for youth and families that will present the same material in more accessible, plainer language. It will be shared when it is available.

If you have additional questions or concerns with the Discussion Guide, please reach out to Sibel Cicek at

* Photo Courtesy The Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies