I’m on the autism spectrum and I have anxiety and anger problems. I worked with a counsellor at my community child and youth mental health centre, Nexus, and she really helped me to consider the consequences of my choices and to understand that I even had choices in the first place. This was the first place where I had a say in the pacing and focus of the counselling I received. I was listened to and it made a HUGE difference. I’m grateful to Nexus for providing me with a professional, caring, and patient counsellor. I’m making better choices now and, as a result, I’m less likely to get into trouble and more likely to be happy.

Farah (age 18)


It is great to hear of positive experiences like this from youth like Farah. Child and youth community mental health centres, like NEXUS, can be such a vital point of support for youth, especially for kids with concurrent disorders. But there are currently more than 12,000 children and youth in Ontario waiting up to 18 months for mental health treatment. Kids who, just like Farah, don't know that they even have choices when it comes to their mental health and their happiness. Many of these kids may never find out, they may age out of the system before receiving care or treatment may not be available in their communities at all. That's not right.


Together we can create change! We can help more kids like Farah make better choices and live better lives. You can help by talking with your local MPP today and telling them you care about kids kids mental health and that there are solutions to our current system issues. CMHO has already done the leg work on addressing what those solutions could be, to view our plan click here