This week Netflix released Season 2 of their series "13 Reasons Why" based on the 2007 novel Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. In general, most have found that this program depicts a hard look at real world problems and is useful in generating discussion about mental health and some of the issues that affect teens going through high school today.

However, the series also may act as a trigger for some youth and so it has been recommended by experts, parents and youth alike, that this program not be binge watched, as is typical with Netflix programming. It is also recommended that youth who wish to watch the series and are concerned about how it may affect their mental health, that they watch with a trusted caregiver, parent or support person. 


CMHO has gathered together a list of resources that may be helpful for Parents, Youth and Professionals looking for more information about how generate discussion from this program while avoiding emotional triggers for more vulnerable youth who would like to enjoy the series.







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