Written By Kim Moran

Today is Blue Monday and was reportedly first started 10 years ago, when a marketing firm claimed that the third Monday in January was the most depressing day of the year. Whether it is the most depressing day or not doesn't really matter. The recognition and value of Blue Monday continues to be the conversation and the awareness it brings about the importance of strong mental health and reducing the stigma around seeking treatment. As discussed in our last blog, the holidays and winter months can be a difficult time for one's mental well being, including for children and youth. We have several posts giving tips and links to supports in our December blogs about some of these concerns. And yesterday, I joined The Parenting Show on AM640  with host Pina Crispo for a special episode dedicated to Blue Monday. I share some of my personal experiences as a parent of a child with mental health issues and add my perspective on the state of child and youth mental health care in Ontario, as CEO of Children's Mental Health Ontario.  #kidscantwait #BlueMonday


Listen to the full show below



* Photo courtesy of Facebook*