In a recent Twitter Chat, we heard from parents, service providers, health care workers, educators and youth. So many people expressed their personal experiences, shared their ideas on how to make things better – this kind of sharing is critical if change is going to happen.

Here are some examples of the kinds of messages that were shared.

When it came to sharing personal experiences, many people really opened up and shared their experience in this public space:

I once waited 36 hours in the hallway of a hospital waiting for a bed in the psychiatric ward when I was 18. This isn’t okay. #Kidscantwait -- @uhhhmanduhhhhh

Two of my four children have received #mentalhealth services via a hospital emergency room. #kidscantwait -- @anndouglas

A member of my family was a victim of child pornography. The wait was too long. We tried the hospital but couldn’t get help. #kidscantwait -- @childpornhurts

I’m a Métis YA. My people need more support, and help. First nations have some of the highest suicide rates for all of Canada #kidscantwait -- @godamnitshannon


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