In a recent Twitter Chat, we heard from parents, service providers, health care workers, educators and youth. So many people expressed their personal experiences, shared their ideas on how to make things better – this kind of sharing is critical if change is going to happen.

Here are some examples of the kinds of messages that were shared.

We talked about the challenges in obtaining treatment for children’s mental healthcare:

Going private - diagnosis, treatment - is an option many/most families cannot afford. We've used various, trial & errors! #kidscantwait -- @evelynso

While waiting kids are taking their own lives. How many more have to feel its their only answer. #kidscantwait -- @lynncla97752971

Waited 4 learning assessment, general counselling, then over 8 month to see psychiatrist, acute care -- @themaddieproject

Why do we lose so many youth in Ontario to suicide? Simple, because there isnt enough services available. We need more! #kidscantwait -- @matthew_leaton

I can imagine parents are overwhelmed learning their youth are suffering, knowing all their options for help is crucial! #kidscantwait -- @openminds_blog

We did get help but had to really fight to be heard. #kidscantwait -- @saracampbell76

There is so much awareness now yet we are far behind on actions. Why? Do they not know what to do? -- @suzi_spelic


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