In a recent twitter Chat, we heard from parents, service providers, health care workers, educators and youth. So many people expressed their personal experiences, shared their ideas on how to make things better – this kind of sharing is critical if change is going to happen.

Here are some examples of the kinds of messages that were shared.

We asked what can be done to include youth more?

We can ask youth what they need. They're the experts when it comes to their own lives. #kidscantwait -- @anndouglas

Ask the youth in the community, they are the ones using the services. They have ways to improve services #kidscantwait -- @bethnowasad

Youth need to trust the confidentiality of the system so that they won't feel different and targeted by other kids. #kidscantwait -- @childpornhurts

They need to know that it's OK to talk. and that it OK to NOT be OK! -- @thecoffeecop

ASK youth what services they want to see in their communities #kidscantwait #neithercanyoungadults -- @TMNengage


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