In a recent twitter Chat, we heard from parents, service providers, health care workers, educators and youth. So many people expressed their personal experiences, shared their ideas on how to make things better – this kind of sharing is critical if change is going to happen.

Here are some examples of the kinds of messages that were shared.

We shared tips on what we all can do to bring about positive change:

Better resourced services 4 marginalized (LGBTQ, racialized, etc) youth = better mental health outcomes = less demand on CYMH. -- @faelynnfemme

Provide safe spaces. Stop judging. Respect our children for who they are. Realize they aren't us. Be honest -- @casep

Shift the paradigm. Mental illness isn't a weakness—it's an issue to be addressed. Asking for help isn't weak -- @casep

Would love to see more walk-in mental health clinics like they have in Brant #kidscantwait -- @chrissythenewf

Keep talking about #mentalhealth in your community. Education, awareness, stigma busting are steps to change -- @cmhaOntario

We need 2 improve access 2 #psychology for assessment/diagnosis/treatment. This will reduce waitlists. #kidscantwait #mentalhealth @ONPsych -- @DrjaneStorrie

It's great to #endthestigma but we also need to ensure adequate and timely access to appropriate -- @SNAP_CDI

A better future means putting kids ahead of interprofessional, interministerial and intersectorial tensions. Kids come first #kidscantwait -- @javeedsukhera

Help must meet the needs of kids and families. We're talking flex hours, being available! -- @woodviewMHAS

Education and dialogue are key. Also asking questions to understand what support/services are needed and where the gaps are #kidscantwait -- @rebeccaaashley43


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