CMHO is committed to supporting a high quality, publicly funded child and youth mental health sector.  

CMHO receives numerous requests from outside organizations, companies and individuals looking to promote tools, resources and information on our website. CMHO does not have the clinical oversight and capacity to review tools and resources submitted to us. In order to ensure we are providing safe and high-quality resources to children, youth and families, CMHO has developed a policy on sharing external resources on the CMHO website. 

To share your resources on the CMHO website, if you meet the qualifications listed below, please contact Leah Sullivan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



In order to be posted on CMHO’s website, materials must meet three criteria: 

  • Provide Information - CMHO will only share information resources on its website. This means that at this time tools (such as apps) will not be eligible for posting.
  • Targeted to Children and Youth and their families – CMHO will promote information resources designed for, or about, children and youth aged 0-25. 
  • Canadian Content - CMHO will promote and prioritize Canadian developed content where possible (content developed in Canada, or by Canadians)
  • Free of Charge CMHO will promote materials that are free to users. 



CMHO will post other resources that may not meet all of the above criteria if they are: 

  1. Developed or endorsed by a CMHO member agency 
  1. Developed or endorsed by a Canadian publicly funded entity (e.g. government, hospital, etc) 


Please note: CMHO may make exceptions to the above based on specific circumstances.