Did you know that May 5th to 11th is Children’s Mental Health Week? This is a week where we draw attention to the issues that children, youth and families face when seeking mental health treatment in Ontario.

Our goal for Children’s Mental Health Week is to raise the voices of families, youth and service providers, in the hopes of creating a better mental health system for Ontario families.

To learn more about how Ontario families are dealing with child and youth mental health issues, we hope that you will join us as we host and participate in a number of different events – here are some to watch out for:


Event Links:


#kidscantwait Podcasting with Casey Palmer:

Throughout the week Casey will be hosting podcasts and blog posts to raise awareness about child and youth mental health care in Ontario and the issues that families and kids across the province face when seeking treatment and support. Find his blogs and podcasts at: https://caseypalmer.com/ 




Ann Douglas Workshop:

Join best selling author of "The Mother of All" series, Ann Douglas, for a special 30-minute Facebook Live edition of her highly popular "Parenting Through The Storm" workshop.

“Having a child who is struggling doesn’t make you a bad parent, just as being a child who is struggling doesn’t make your child a bad kid.” Learn more here.




What Can You Do for Children’s Mental Health Week?

Spread the Word:

Ontario families can face a number of barriers when seeking mental health treatment for their children. Too often our system is setup to deal only with kids who have reached a point of crisis, for kids whose lives are in danger. But what if we were able to create a system that helped kids before they were in crisis?

Help make this a reality by sharing these messages within your own networks! Below you will find a series of infographics that you can share on your own social media networks to raise awareness:


Tell your MPPs!

Please share your experience with your local MPP and tell them that kids can’t wait. Ask them to implement Children’s Mental Health Ontario’s plan. CMHO has a number of ways to help you get in touch with your MPP:

Tag them on Social Media:

Share one of the graphics above with your MPP. Not sure what your MPP’s handle is? Find it Here.


Write them a letter:

CMHO has drafted a letter you can send directly to your MPP. To find your local MPP and their email or mailing address, please click here.

Meet with your MPP:

Why not take things a step further and setup a meeting? You can find a template for requesting a meeting Here

Once you have your meeting, feel free to print off documents like CMHO’s Annual Report Card to share some of the important reasons why #kidscantwait for mental health care.



CMHO and our member agencies run off of a mix of donations and public funding. Donations form concerned members of the community like you help us to support more kids and families across Ontario.

At CMHO donations help us to raise awareness about the issues Ontario children, youth and parents face when trying to access mental health services in a chronically underfunded system. Your donations help us work to create a healthier and stronger child and youth mental health system for families in all parts of the province. If you would like to make a donation please

click here


If you would like to make a donation directly to a child and youth mental health centre in your community to help fund treatment for kids in your neighborhood

Click Here

to find your local CMHO Member Agency.