Thank you to all of those who attended the 2019 CMHO Conference Facing the Future: Together.  We had over 600 delegates in attendance, a great lineup of keynote speakers and five full day Think Tanks. If you would like to access the slides from some of your favorite presentations, we have them listed below for your viewing. If you run into any issues or concerns, please contact Jessica at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Monday Keynote Presentations


Zayna Khayat - Accelerating Into the Future of Children's Health Care

Dr. Kwame McKenzie - Building For Equity Now and in the Future

Carol Hopkins - First Nations Kids: Ensuring the Promise of Mino Pimatisiwin

Jean Clinton - The Early Years: Our Future Depends on Our Youngest

Tracy DeLuca - Design Thinking Superpowers to Create the Future Mental Health System



Tuesday Think Tanks


Best Practice Development in Intensive Treatment

Chatham-Kent Children's Services - Day Treatment

York Hills - Day Treatment


Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health: Strategizing for the Future

Chaya Kulkarni and Nicole Summers - Infant and Early Mental Health Community Mapping and Engagement

Wilma Kleynendorst - Thunder Bay and District

Reshem Khan - Developing the IECMH System of Care

Margaret Leslie - Breaking the Cycle

Dr. Anne-Lise Holahan, Dr. Annie Lamonde and Monica Armstrong - Building a System of Care for Infants and Young Children in Ottawa


Family Partnership in Mental Health - Learnings from Eastern Ontario

All presentations from this Think Tank available here


Integrating Autism and Mental Health Services in Ontario

Think Tank Summary and Key Recommendations


Structured Psychotherapy

Aoife Lyons - Lessons Learned from the Implementation of Psychotherapy in Other Jurisdictions: Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner (PWP)

Elaine Bousfield - Making a Real Difference

Rebecca Shields - Bounceback Experience in the Ontario Structured Psychotherapy Program

Cynthia Weaver - Redevelopment of Community-Based Child and Youth Mental Health Services

Dr. Connie Dalton - Ontario Structured Psychotherapy Program Champlain

Rob Moore - Ontario Structured Psychotherapy Overview

Shauna MacEachern - Youth Wellness Hubs


Sunday Pre-Conference: Governance Leadership Through Health System Transformation


Anne Corbett - Good Governance and OHTs

Catherine Anastakis - Building a Systems Role into Governance Practices

Catherine Anastakis - Integration Primer

 If you attended the Pre-Conference, and are looking for the participant workbook, please contact Jessica Behnke at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



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