To realize meaningful and significant improvements to the child and youth mental health sector, it is imperative that we work together as a strong, unified collective. Otherwise, we will be ignored.

As an association, CMHO works with our members to deliver clear and consistent messages to help government take effective action to build a high-quality and high-performing system of care where children and youth can easily access the treatment they need.

Our membership of nearly 100 Children’s Mental Health Centres is a major strength when advocating on behalf of children’s mental health providers.

Benefits of Membership:

  • A Voice in Public Policy: Bring your ideas, concerns, experience and perspective to the table. Ensure that your organization’s objectives are reflected in proposed solutions to important policy issues affecting the child and youth mental health sector. The Ontario government regularly seeks CMHO’s feedback on current issues that directly affect our members. Be part of the conversation.
  • Support Positive Change: As an association, CMHO facilitates provocative discussions with our member centres, partners, and government to develop policies and strategies designed to move the child and youth mental health sector forward.
  • Leveraging Partnerships: A CMHO membership will provide more opportunities and open more doors for your organization. Participation in working groups, workshops, and training sessions allow members to explore common dilemmas and seek common solutions.
  • Issues Management & Crisis Communications: When an issue arises that may impact CMHO members, we work quickly to analyse the situation, evaluate options, and manage potential risks.
  • Group Insurance Benefits: We offer exceptional value for group, home & auto insurance, health & dental benefits, and disability plans.
  • Media Monitoring: We conduct daily media scans and share articles that are of interest to members. Interesting new research and important news items that relate to our sector are highlighted.
  • Member Advantage Webinars: Our webinars tackle timely and relevant topics most concerning to CMHO members. Members also have unlimited access to the archives and handouts for continued learning at their own pace. 
  • Conference and Training Discounts: Members receive discounts on registration fees for CMHO events including our annual conference, the largest annual children’s mental health conference in Canada.

What CMHO Members Have to Say: 

“I firmly believe children’s mental health would not be in such a good position moving forward were it not for the ceaseless and skilled work of CMHO.  No other body has done so much to gather the attention of MCYS and help to point the system in the right direction.  For this, I am so, so grateful.” – Kevin Kapler, Executive Director, Children’s Mental Health of Leeds and Grenville

CMHO’s recent symposium was a good start to difficult conversations. One model does not fit all programs...but for me this is an exercise in critical thinking and being able to examine residential care issues with my peers.” – Marg Campbell, Executive Director, Delisle Youth Services

I wanted to express my appreciation of the support given in the media event with our … I reached out to CMHO not knowing what to expect and you managed everything! We worked well together and you took the information and created an excellent press release as well as handling all the media contacts... It made my job so much easier and everything came off without a hitch. BRAVO and TWO THUMBS UP!!” – Marc Roberts, Executive Director, Oxford-Elgin Child & Youth Centre

“CMHO supports the vision of healthy kids, healthy families, and vibrant communities. The organization’s advocacy and strategic communication to government and other important stakeholders has kept the issue of child and youth mental health on the radar.  We are pleased with the “return on investment” we achieve through our membership in Children’s Mental Health Ontario.” – Joanne Sherin, Executive Director, Vanier Children’s Services

“CMHO plays a vital role in supporting and strengthening Ontario's infant, child and youth mental health system of services.   From their work building organizational service capacity to their advocacy efforts that are helping create a more effective system of services, CMHO is an important and key player in our transformation efforts.  I fully support CMHO and feel my membership fees are a good investment in our work and very well spent.” – Diane Walker, Chief Executive Officer, Children’s Centre Thunder Bay

“The children and youth we all serve often come to us in a time of crisis. They are desperate for a system that truly meets their needs and makes a difference for them. CMHO brings together the voices of community based mental health agencies and those of the people we serve. CMHO’s advocacy work and youth & family engagement is strengthening our common voice and bringing about systemic change for children, youth and families across Ontario. For Turning Point Youth Services, CMHO is a key partner in our work to improve the system for families in need.” – Debbie Schatia, Executive Director, Turning Point Youth Services

Join CMHO as a member organization by completing our Membership Form and returning it to Cindy Prins by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).