Children’s Mental Health Ontario is committed to driving positive and meaningful change in the mental health system. Our strong relationship with Ontario’s publicly-funded Children’s Mental Health Centres gives us insight into the realities of children, youth and families seeking mental health treatment. 

Kids with Mental Illness Deserve Better

Hospitals, nurses, psychiatrists, family doctors, children’s mental health centres and educators play an important role in ensuring our kids are mentally healthy. But, the outlook for these kids is not getting better—it’s getting worse.

We must strive toward a system where we ensure that:

  1. Wherever kids are—at school, in their doctor’s office, children’s mental health centres—we help them get the support the need, before their problems get worse.
  2. Everyone involved in our kids’ lives, including schools and health care providers, are working together to help kids and their families, when and where they need it.
  3. Kids and their families get all of the support and treatment they need, without having to wait.
  4. We address the needs of at-risk populations facing the highest rates of mental illness, and who are at the highest risk of death by suicide, such as First Nations communities by creating specific plans and measure outcomes.

To achieve this, the government must act, by putting significantly more mental health professionals at schools and in children’s mental health centres, to reduce wait times and get kids and their families the help they need.